• media-tape-storage-huntsville-alOptical Disks
  • Disc Packs
  • Sealed Cases
  • Hard Drives
  • Tape Cartridges
  • High Value Documents
  • Diskettes
  • 4mm & 8mm Video Cassettes

Secured Media Vault Storage

Because of the critical nature of a disaster and hacking of our media data backups, a key principle of security practices is the storage of duplicate backup tapes away from a company's primary place of business. Valuable media data which must be retained for long periods of time require secure storage in a cool, dry environment to maximize the life of vital information.

Daily Pickups and Delivery and Free Retrieval for all Media.

Our media vault area exceeds media storage standard requirements.

  • Halon and Sinorix Gas Fire Suppression Protection
  • Monitored alarm system with a closed circuit video surveillance camera
  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • Signature authorization require to access
  • Emergency on-call personnel for media delivery on request
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