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Cost Efficient Records Retention

Long-term data and documents storage has been thrust on us over a period of years by the increased necessity to maintain various records for both businesses and government. This requires use of your valuable office or building space, and valuable personnel time away from the basic jobs of productivity. Security Vault, Inc. offers an economical and safe alternative for the retention and management of your active and inactive hard copy records.

Security Vault offers several box sizes that can be stored at our facility or you can store them in what you already have them packed in. Every storage container is barcoded, tracked and labeled with the appropriate client number within our secure record storage facility. We can tell you at a moment's notice exactly where each record is located, when it was filed, and who accessed the box last.

Box Sales

Security Vault, Inc. also stocks specially designed heavy-duty storage boxes constructed of 200# corrugated fiberboard. Hard copy boxes are available for purchase in any quantity.

The standard sizes of hard copy containers that Security Vault, Inc. sells are:

  • 1-cube box (10" x 12" x 15")
  • 2-cube box (10" x 12" x 24")
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