Security Vault, Inc. was established in 1985. It was designed for businesses to have an off-site storage management of computerized media and hard copy records, and offer safe deposit box rental. We service many major companies in the Huntsville and surrounding areas. Security Vault is based on the need for a specifically equipped building where the people of Huntsville and the local businesses would be able to keep valuable, personal and business records safe from any sort of disaster.

This facility is equipped with computerized alarm system with surveillance cameras that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. There are alarms that monitor the temperature and humidity in our media vaults with Halon and Sinorix equipped fire control systems for added protection and security. The vault areas are only accessible by means of combinations and authorized employees. The guard booth is the only entrance to the safe deposit box area and the secured areas of the facility. The guard booth consists of bullet resistant glass that is 1 1/8" thick and is housed by steel encased walls. In the safe deposit box area, the walls, floor and ceiling are over a foot in thickness and contain 16.5 tons of intertwined steel reinforcing rods encased in high stress concrete. All accounts at our facility are accessible at any time desired within our business hours. We also offer an after hour access for an additional charge.

We offer a pick-up and delivery service to our clients in unmarked vehicles, transporting your property or data assets in a climate controlled environment with ultimate protection. This services is offered 365 days a year on a scheduled or as need basis.

Our employees are HIPAA certified. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Any company that deals with protected health information must ensure that all the required physical network and security measures are in place.

Security Vault remains steadfast on meeting and exceeding customer expectations with state-of-the-art security and excellent customer service. You are invited to come by and visit our facilities, where our courteous, well trained security staff will be pleased to show you the ultimate in convenience, protection and privacy for the things you value most.

History of Security Vault, Inc.

Security Vault, Inc. was designed by three prominent local business men. These men include Bill Dinges, Bryan Bergeron, Jr and Fred Wessel. Bryan Bergeron, Jr. came to Huntsville in 1962. He is the former owner of the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchises in Huntsville. The late Fred Wessel who came in 1966, was the owner of the Burger King franchises in Huntsville and several others throughout North Alabama. The late Bill Dinges came to Huntsville in 1951. He is the former owner of Taco Bell franchise in Alabama. These men founded Security Vault based on the need for a specially equipped building where the people of Huntsville and the local businesses would be able to keep valuable personal and business records safe from any sort of disaster.
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